State Operated Motorcycle Safety


The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP) is a part of the Georgia Department of Driver Services. In addition to offering rider education programs, the GMSP also promotes motorist awareness programs, share the road campaigns, and is focused on highway safety issues affecting Georgia motorcyclists.

Rider training is popular and potentially life-saving. Without proper training, new riders are more likely to be involved in a crash. Experienced riders also can benefit from additional training to hone their crash-avoidance skills.

Rider Education

Earn your Motorcycle License in the Basic Course and Experienced-License Waiver Course with a 90-day license test waivers to successful graduates! Low cost and professional training to assist riders in improving their skills in:

  • Effective turning
  • Traffic strategies
  • Braking maneuvers
  • Protective gear
  • And more!

Pretend You Are Invisble

If you ride a motorcycle, you know that out on the road, you might as well be transparent, because drivers often look right past you.

They might notice the car or truck behind you, but you, in all your “narrowness” may not register in the visual cortex of even the most alert drivers.

Car drivers only see what they expect to see and most don’t expect you to be a part of the traffic mix. Ride with the right skills & strategies (you get through training) & attitude.

Be Seen – Be Safe!


April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted driving or RIDING is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving or riding. All distractions endanger driver, rider, passenger, and bystander safety.


These types of distractions include:


Join GMSP in Douglas at Bikes, Blues & BBQ!

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