Bundle Up for Cold Weather Riding

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fall freeze

The cold weather is here! If you’re out and about on your bike, here are a few tips to stay warm.

  • Cover up – Most of your heat is lost through the head so keep it warm.  A full face helmet prevents frostbite from wind chill.  Wear a neckwarmer or scarf to cover exposed skin.  Keep those hands covered too!  Wearing gloves with a breathable, waterproof liner will keep the rain out and allow moisture to get out.  Gauntlet style gloves will help cover the gap between the inner liner and jacket.
  • Wear layers – Insulate your body.  Wear synthetics closest to your skin, the layer with fleece or wool for insulation.  Finally, your outer layer needs to protect you from the elements.  Nylon is wind and waterproof, and its great for crash protection too.
  • Stay hydrated and RIDE SOBER! – Alcohol lowers the core body temperature and often plays a role in hypothermia-related injuries and deaths.



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